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"QCAD3 - Base Course" Syllabus (4hr & 33min)

"Downloading the File" Video

Why "Qcad3 Base Course" doesn't need the Latest QCad3 version

"Qcad3 - Base Course" training videos wll be delivered in both HTML format and MP4 format. The download file containing both the HTML files and the MP4 files is about 812Mb and will cost $30. It is a self-extracting exe file. You can also get the same product as a standard Zip download by ordering the MAC version. You will need a fast internet connection or you can order the DVD version mailed to you for $40. The DVD version will be a data DVD and must be used with a computer. This DVD will NOT play on a DVD Player. The Base Course is to large for a data CD.

Lesson-0 Intro (15:44)(minutes : seconds)
Mouse Considerations
My Small Screen
Our Training Philosophy
Browser Player
Mp4 Player
Mouse Changes
First Startup
Qcad.ini File
Docking a List
Relocate Command Line
Icon Resizing

Lesson-1 QCAD Window 12:11
Intro Qcad Window
Drawing Tools
Snap Tools
Drawing Area
Status Line
List Docking Area
Loading and Naming Files
Saving Files
Don't Overwrite
Fileload Auto Zoom
Grid Scale Adjusts to File
Pen Toolbar
Zoom Auto Tool
Help Menu
Grid Dots Control
Coordinate Display
Mouse Status

Lesson-2 Coordinate System 7:47
4-Types of Coordinates
Center of Origin
Drawing Area Rulers
X-Y Coordinates
Polar Coordinates
Polar Angle Measurement
Relative Reference Point

Lesson-3 Command Line 21:53
Typical Circle Placement
Cmd Line Precision
Cmd Line Circle Placement
Place Line with 2-Letter Cmd
View Line with Property Editor
Line Geometry
Cmd Line Arc Placement
Place Arc Using Using Coordinates
Cmd Line Using Relative Coordinates
Draw a Square
Using Math in Text Boxes

Lesson-4 Arcs and Curves 11:34
2-Points and Radius
2-Points and Angle
Arc from 3-Points
Concentric Arcs
Concentric Arc thru a Point
Tangentially Connected Arc
Polyline Tool
Splines Tool
Editing Splines

Lesson-5 Selection Tools 16:44
Idle State Single Selections
Idle State Box Selections
Using Selection Toolbar
Rectangle and Polygon Selections
Polygon Example
Cross Selection
Selected Contours
Selection by Line
Select Same Layer Entities

Lesson-6 Snap Tools 11:44
Easy to Use Snap Tools
Center Snap Tool
Middle Snap Tool
Reference Snap Tool
Distance Snap Tool
Distance Manual Snap Tool
Intersection Snap Tool
Intersection Manual Snap Tool

Lesson-7 Drawing Lines 11:58
2-Point Line
2-Point Line Extended
Line From an Angle
Horizontal Line
Vertical Line
2-Point Rectangle
Rectangle with Dimensions
Angle Bisector
Parallel Line with Distance
Parallel Line thru a Point
Line Tangent to Point and Circle or Arc
Line Tangent to 2-Circles or Arcs
Line from Relative Angle
Orthogonal Line
Polygon Center and Point
Polygon 2-Points
Draw a Freehand Line

Lesson-8 Modify Tools 16:19
Move Tool
Rotate Tool
Scale Tool
Mirror Tool
Move and Rotate Tool
Rotate 2-Tool
Trim Tool
Trim Both Tool
Lengthen and Shorten Tool
Stretch Tool
Clip to Rectangle Tool

Lesson-9 AutoSnap Tool 9:09
AutoSnap Help
Get QCAD Book
Snap to Entity Reference Points
Orthogonal Restriction
Why No AutoSnap to any Point on an Entity
AutoSnap on Entity Points Work-Around
AutoSnap Intersections
Horizontal Restriction of AutoSnap
Full Orthogonal Restriction
Set and Lock Relative Reference Point



Lesson-10 Blocks Intro 9:10
Insert Block
Modify Block Insertion Parameters
Replicate Block in Drawing with Modify Tool
Block Configure Menu
Where is Block Stored?
Create and Edit a Block
Create Empty Block

Lesson-11 Information Tools 9:52
Position X,Y
Relative Position X,Y
Absolute Polar Position
Relative Polar Position
Distance Point-to-Point
Auto Perpendicular
Distance from Entity to Point
Angle Tool
Summation Tool
Polygonal Area Tool
Info from Property Editor

Lesson-12 Dimensioning Tools 18:25
Aligned Dimension
Wrong Layer
Rotated Linear Dimension
Dimension Text Modifications
Horizontal Dimension
Radial Dimension
Angle Dimension
Ordinate Dimension
Leader Tool
Dimension Format

Lesson-13 Text Tools 8:34
Text Size and Layers
Text Tool Window
Complex Text in Dimensions
Edit Text with Property Editor

Lesson-14 Auto File-Save 6:13
Open a Saved File
Kill QCAD with Pending Edits
Unsaved New File Autosave Location
QCAD Recovery with AutoSave File
Auto *BAK### Files

Lesson-15 Basic Printing 8:53
Paper Borders
AutoFit and Printout Scaling
Manual Printout Scaling
AutoFit Pages to Drawing
Adjust Paper Position
Layers Visibility During Printout
Perform the Printout
Export to PDF File
Print Inking Selection
Drawing Preferences Shortcut

Lesson-16 Advanced Modify Tools 5:31
Bevel Tool
Round Corners Tool
Edit existing text

Lesson-17 Import and Trace Images 8:13
Import Image Layer Selection
Load the Image

Scale the Image
Trace the Image

Lesson-18 Blocks and Layer Manipulation 34:12
Layer Visibility
Hide Layers
Zoom Floor Plan
Block View On/Off
Truck as Block
Move Between Layers
Block Layer Colors
Block Creation Terminology
Block Layer Color
Block Color by-Layer
Block Color by-Block
Block Color Summary
Block Colors in Use
Block Line-weight and Line-type
Moving and Storing Blocks
Overwrite of Existing Blocks
Blocks and Layers
Cut and Paste Over-write Layers

Lesson-19 Fixed Relative Reference Uses 12:11
Hiding and Unhiding Lists
Tabbed and Untabbed List Combo
Advanced Use of RRP
Remote Intersecting RRP
Define Radius of Circle with RRP
RRP for Circle and Spokes
Snap RRP
Lock the RRP
Draw Circle with RRP
Draw Spokes with RRP

Lesson-20 Advanced Printing 11:09
Mouse Zooming
Loading Old Files
11x17 Paper Size
Text Scaling
Exact Scaling
Auto Scaling
Scale Visible Drawing

Lesson-21 Project Management 6:10
Save. ..As when Editing
External File Backup
Any Plan Trumps None
File Naming Convention
Save (without change warning)

Lesson-22 Updates toV3-Base Course 1:29
There have been 31 new tools added between v3.4.6 and v3.14.3. Those new tools are power user oriented and not important for this training. All version 3 updates have used the same user interface and therefore can be used with this training course.

If future V3 updates significantly change the user interface then an update training addon course will become available here.

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