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Qcad3 Base Course and Version Updates Explained 

The latest version of QCad is never ending. It is currently 3.15 and the updates have been rapidly increasing for the past year. This is a good thing that keeps the program robust. As newbie and casual user training goes, the latest version serves no purpose in teaching the techniques and concepts of QCad3 because Qcad is a verey stable program at this time. This training program was developed using v3.4 thru v3.11. There will always be something new added, so the help file and the Qcad Forum will expand your knowledge beyound this base course.

The Qcad author (andrew) suggested about a year ago that I don't include the version number in my training program because of the continuous minor changes. He suggested that I stick with Qcad v3 in the training title.

The reason Qcad3 is the best training platform for teaching a person that is new to CAD is because it is relatively easy to learn due to the user friendly program concepts. Qcad provides much user assistance during normal operation as compared to Autocad and its clones which have a very steep learning curve. This Qcad user assistance is demonstrated throughout the training course.

Because Qcad3 is now very stable, the current Qcad updates are primarily feeding the power user group (experienced Qcad users want more specialized and time saving tools) and rightly so. Many power users also use scripting instead of just the window interface. This alone makes for many updates that are of no interest to the newbie nor casual user. And of course some updates are related to problems using CAM (computer aided manufacturing machines).

This training course was developed for the new Qcad user and the casual user, and it does that very well. Versions 3.4 thru 3.11 were very robust and solid in operation. Since then there have been various updates for minor bugs and new specialized tools. These new tools don't provide new capability, they just provide a quicker solution for that capability. These new tools are added to the existing toolbars and you can easily absorb these specialized tools after you fully understand Qcad3 in particular and CAD in general.

If you are a power user then the new tools are time savers as long as you use them on a daily basis. If you are going to be a casual user then the time saving tools are less important and will fade from memory over time.

I suggest that if you are going to be a casual user, then the Qcad3 Base Course will be more than adequate until V4 comes out. When purchasing Qcad Pro, Ribbonsoft only allows download of the latest version. Fortunately, the window interface remains relatively stable and this training course works well with these updated versions of Qcad3.

If history is any indicator, the V2-V3 transition included a new user interface, and therefore it is likely that a revamped interface will be called version 4. If future V3 updates significantly change the user interface then an update training addon course will become available here.

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